How to write a resume of a barista

A bartender or barista is a person who makes and sells drinks to visitors to the establishment. The bartender combines different drinks to create cocktails out of them. He knows absolutely everything about alcohol, loves and leads the nightlife, and enjoys talking to customers who don't mind talking. He helps people relax and unwind while offering booze and related recreational services.

How to write a good bartender resume

The employer wants the establishment to make a profit, which means - every person should be in his place. Before inviting a candidate for a vacancy, the employer examines many resumes and selects people who were able to stand out and interest them.

Key barista resume skills

I dare to disappoint those who think bartending jobs are easy. The person standing at the bar should have a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Remember the exact proportions and ingredients of cocktails.
  • Master the intricacies of laying the table.
  • Interact competently with guests.
  • Have communication skills with people of different social status.
  • A barman should be able not only to serve a drink to a visitor beautifully, but also to prepare it colorfully, to create a peculiar performance.

Personal qualities of a barista

It is important for a bartender to have a neat appearance and a good memory. Being at the bar, you need to be attentive and friendly at the same time. More attention is paid to the personal qualities of a barista than in other professions. Since the employee has direct contact with the visitors of the café or restaurant and is required to be:

  • Disciplined,
  • stress-resistant,
  • flexible in communication,
  • honest,
  • enterprising,
  • a learner,
  • positive,
  • resilient.

What to write about yourself in the resume of a bartender

Information about yourself in the barista resume allows the candidate to stand out among other applicants And interest the employer by departing from the standard and formal phrases.

Select the information the boss needs that will present you as a dedicated and valuable employee to the company. The section should evoke a desire to see you at work.

What to write to a bartender with no work experience

To master the profession of a bartender, you need only, to finish the training courses of the bartender. Therefore, if there is no experience as a bartender, then professional courses will save the situation. There you will acquire the basic knowledge and the necessary education. However, having courses is not a guarantee of employment.